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You have reached this website because you are interested in having affairs. Yes, affairs, its that simple. You are in good company as the other million plus individuals registered with us are also looking for affairs.

We think that pursuing affairs is a healthy way to express your sexual needs and we provide you with the tools to contact others seeking discreet affairs.

Affairs have gone on throughout the ages. Lets face it the human animal needs to have affairs to keep him/herself sane and happy. No relationship is perfect and we all get stale sex lives if we only have one partner, no matter how much you love them.

The key to this site is that we put you in touch with others who are seeking affairs. You are already on the same wavelength. You all want the excitement that having affairs offers you without the usual hassles and embarrassments. You want to upgrade your sex life - pure and simple and why shouldn't you. Life is just too short not to have affairs. Check out some member comments on what being a member and having affairs has done for their lives

Jon (London): I joined easy affair out of desperation really. My wife and I have sex once a month if i am lucky and that feels like a chore. I have had four affairs so far two of which are on going. Its so easy as we all knew what to expect from our profiles so the groundrules for the affairs are sort of already set. Its put excitement back into my life and my wife and I get on better than ever before.

Miranda (Bristol): I am single and want to stay that way. I joined your site to have affairs with men. It's that simple - I don't want the hassle of a relationship but I do want sex. Long may it continue.

James (Reading): I am single and having multiple affairs after signing up on your website. Why bother going to clubs and stuff when I get all the sex I need from you. It's just too easy. If you want to have affairs just join and enjoy. You only live once so have as many affairs as you can.